20 Ideas for Worldschooling from Home

We have been in Canada for the last nine months enjoying Worldschooling from our own country. We’ve been discovering so many experiences and things that we didn’t know existed before! We’ve had such a great time exploring our surroundings!

Once you get into the groove of finding new experiences for your family, you will get pretty good at digging to find things! I often will google free things to do in (whatever city or town) this weekend. Usually I get some great ideas for things to do! Often times smaller lesser known groups will have things to do on these sites when you google. You can also try Craigslist of local community groups on Facebook for ideas of things to do in your area. 

Here is a list of 20 ideas to get you started Worldschooling in your own community. Have fun Worldschooling and experiencing new things with your family in 2017! Make this the year you rediscover your home town and all the fantastic things it has to offer.
1. Visit museums, galleries, parks, and other attractions you’ve never been to before.
2. Source out festivals from different cultures. During July I happened to find a Latin Festival advertised in the window of a little Latino store on a walk one day. It was totally free and had the best food!
3. Visit a nearby town or village that you’ve never been to before. Take a map of where you live and with a compass draw a circle of 60 miles around your city. Try to visit as many places as possible within the circle that you’ve never been before.
4. Visit new playgrounds that you’ve never been to before in your city or town
5.Take public transit for a day. Some places have a double decker bus as their public transit. Take the train or any form of public transit that is new or not often used by your family.
6. Take up a new sport or activity that you’ve not done before. Skiing, skating, yoga.
7. Take a mini trip to a nearby town or village you’ve not been to before. Rent a hotel room and take the bus or train to get there! Often there are great deals on hotels and transport mid week. 
8. Make care packages for the homeless in a city near you and hand them out.
9. Volunteer at the local New Comers Center or Immigrant Center in your community. Get to know other families from other countries. Share your cultures and experiences with each other.
10. Spend more time exploring nature. Find new hiking trails and parks to explore

11. Be on the look out for free activities around your area and try to take in as many as possible. We’ve discovered a weekly lunch that is free to anyone in our community. It’s a great way to meet new people and try new foods. We’ve also found free festivals, free meals, and lots of other things to try just by being on the look out for new things to do

12. Go visit Grandmas and Grandpas in a seniors home in your area. The kids can read to them and the seniors love the visitors. 
13. Www.mealsharing.com is a great way to meet new people and share a meal. 
14. Www.couchsurfing.com We’ve been couchsurfing hosts for over 10 years. We’ve met so many amazing people from all over the world 
15. Www.warmshowers.org Host cyclists who will be in your area. They need either tent space in your yard or floor space in your house for the night and warm shower. Another great way to meet some amazing travelers! 
16. Www.workaway.info If you have some work that you could use being done (baby sitting, speaking another language to your family, house keeping, labour work etc) consider putting up a profile as a host on workaway. You get the help you need and your family gets to meet some pretty amazing people at the same time. 
17. Contact your local Tourism board and get an information package mailed to you. Look through the tourism books for your area and find new things that you didn’t know about in your area! 
18. Learn as much about the history of your area as you can! Seniors and elders can often help with this. Try to imagine what your town looked like 50 years ago or even 100 years ago! 
19. Get some friends together and play a local version of The Amazing Race, highlighting some of the lesser known gems in your area! You could make stops in China town or other areas in your area known for having a large community of a certain culture. 
20. Try new foods! Go to restaurants with foods you’ve never tried before! Try new foods from the ethnic aisle at the grocery store or the produce department. Try diffe to foods from different stores from different cultures. Visit a store in your local Chinatown or an Indian shop for example. 

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