I Like Him Just the Way He Is!

My son is 5 years old. He is a bundle of energy and can talk your ear off, although you probably won’t understand more than 60% of what he says. He is bright and inquisitive.
Today we went to the doctor to get a physical done for his upcoming dental surgery. Our family doctor retired and I only take my kids to the doctor if they are really sick or need to be seen by a doctor. So we went to a walk in clinic.
He was fascinated by everything!! The nurse taking his height, weight and vitals was not enjoying her time with this energetic little boy! He kept ducking down and looking up when she tried to put the measuring stick on his head to measure him. He kept turning around to hug the pole behind him on the scale, measurement apparatus. She kept reminding him “remember I want you to face the front?” To which he would reply “Yeah! Call Marshall!” Marshall is a character from his favorite show, Paw Patrol! I was finding it quite comical because this is very normal for him.
We moved to the exam room to get his blood pressure. I thought he did well, it only took 5 times!! She wanted him to sit very still and not talk…he’s FIVE!!! He even talks in his sleep!
As you can see in the picture he has no socks on. This morning when I put socks on him, he took them off and said “No fanks, no paw patrol” He wasn’t wearing socks if they weren’t paw patrol and those are all in the wash. I could panic and rush to wash them but it’s summer and it doesn’t really matter if he wears socks or not in the grande scheme of things. His shoes are in the basket of the stroller because they were “tinky”.
Doctor comes in for his exam. After about 3 minutes in the room he asks if I’ve considered medication for his high activity. I say, “we like him just the way he is” with a big smile. He says, ” can you lay on the bed?” To which my child chirps, “yep” and continues to crawl around on the crinkly paper. Doctor says “ok lay down on the bed so I can check your tummy”. My child lifts his shirt and says, “it der!” Pointing to his tummy. I’m trying not to laugh. He finally gives a poke or two and moves on. In the end he referred us to the paediatrician in the office and completed the medical for, and faxed it off for me.
Next week is our paediatrician appointment and I know that medication and behavior modification will be discussed. I have made the decision to embrace my son for who he is. I don’t want to change him because he simply isn’t broken. He sees the world through very different eyes. Yes he has some pretty severe delays in speech, fine and gross motor skills, he has huge sensory issues and a possible processing disorder. I know that from my older grown up boys that even without medication and behavior modification he will turn out ok and be a great human being that is capable of loving and being loved, has empathy, is kind and giving and helpful and can hold down a job doing something that he loves.
He may never go to university. He may decide he wants to be a dog cuddler at the Humane Society, but there is a job for everyone in this world.
My job as his parent isn’t to change him so he can fit into the world but to teach him to love who he is and stand proud for the unique person he is no matter what because we like him just the way he is!

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