How We Afford This Life

I am a single mom of 6 kids. Only the two youngest kids are currently living with me at the moment. We are worldschoolers. We have been on the road since 2011. I truly love our nomadic life. We have so many amazing adventures. I get to spend time with my kids and see the world through their eyes, watching the wonder as they explore new and exciting things regularly.

Before we hit the road in 2011 in our converted school bus, we lived in an older house in a small farming community. We moved to that house the year before, because we had financial difficulties and were finding it hard to make ends meet in the big city where we had lived since 2001. I grew up in this city and it has always been home to me.
I get asked frequently by other single moms who wish to live the dream of a worldschooling life, ¨How do you afford it?¨. This is a rather tough question! In all honestly I traded our monthly bills of living in a house, for different monthly bills that you need to pay when you are nomadic like we are.
As a comparison of what things cost and how I afford this life, I will show you my monthly budget from when we lived in a house and our budget now.
Budget from living in a house:
Rent or house payment $1000 (if you own your house outright that is GREAT!!! However most people don´t)
Food $800
Car Maintenance $200
Utilities $300
Insurance $200
Internet and TV $130
Phone $20
Activities $300
Fuel for the van $300 (this was a very modest amount…we didnt drive much unless we really had to!)
For a total of $3250
Our budget was VERY modest. We owned a very old van that ran well. So we had no vehicle payments. I have no credit cards so there are no payments for those either. The kids have never gotten allowance.
Budget for Living on the Road:
Rent $150 (4 bedroom place with LOTS of space in a nice little village)
Power $30
Internet $30
Phone $20
Netflix $8
Public transport $50
ABC Mouse $12
Food $400
Activities $200
Savings for emergencies $300
For a total of $1200 per MONTH
Even if you added in credit card payments per month or other debts that you have to pay per month, it would most likely be less than what you are paying to live right now.
I feel very strongly that how we choose to live is exactly that…a CHOICE. I make the choice to live this life, because it´s important to me. It´s important to me that we enjoy our time while we have it. I was not very happy when we lived a conventional life. I didn´t like working 7 days a week to just make ends meet. I had an in home daycare for eight years so that I could be home with my children and homeschool them, because that was important to me. I could have gone to work at a conventional job and put the kids in school and day care. However, I felt very strongly that it was best for my children and our little family to homeschool and be together.
Once you make the decission to hit the road, you will find that everything seems to fall into place. It is really refreshing!
To make money on the road, I do various things that generate income. Everyone will have a different way of making money on the road, just the same as no two people have the same conventional job to live a conventional life.
I have skills in photography. So I have taken my camera to the beach and other tourist areas wherever we are and taken photos of people. I have then sold the photos to my subjects. I used my tablet as a viewing screen and then just emailed them the photos of their choice. I had a long card made with samples of my work on one side and my prices on the other. I had this laminated and it made selling photos very simple on the road. I have also done weddings and portraits for people I meet along the way. Mostly ex pats are interested in this.
I have skills in teaching English. I have taught private classes. Another option is teaching in a school overseas. Getting a teaching job overseas is not hard at all. Many people teach overseas and really enjoy it. There are so many job offerings. Most of the schools are very accommodating if you are up front and honest with them from the very beginning. Teaching in a school overseas is great because you get paid a wage and you get accommodations included (usually but check your contract to be sure).
I have ordered things online for locals that don´t have a credit card (I have a Visa debit but it works like a credit card) or Paypal or anything like that. They pay me in local cash for the item with a little mark up and I order the item for them. I just recently started selling cell phones to locals where we are at the moment and I am making 75% markup on the phones. So that is good income for me!
I try not to stress over an exact amount needed for the month. We always make enough to make our payments. I find the less I stress, the better it is. Easier said than done I know!
So if you REALLY want to live the worldschooling life and head out on your own Epic EDventure, there is nothing stopping you from making that happen! If you need support, guidance or life coaching to get you on your way feel free to email me and I will help in anyway that I can! I am a solutions oriented person and I think anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

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