10 Things I’ve Learned From Life in a Developing Country

This is an old blog post I wrote back in January of 2012
1. Nestle SUCKS! I say this because the majority of these people can barely afford to feed themselves yet have been convinced that their babies are starving because they want to nurse every 2-3 hours as newborns. They then start using formula and have to water it down to make it go further! Grrrrr! 
2. Garbage doesn’t just go away after you put it in the bin! We see this everyday. In Canada we put the garbage in the bin and never thought of it again. We honestly thought we were a pretty green family. Recycling and such. Here you see that garbage everyday everywhere! They do have a recycling program but it doesn’t “pay” like it does in Canada so there is no incentive to recylcle.
3. Your to do list is never ending! Because there are no malls or Walmart super centre here…it takes alot of looking to find what you need! 
4. Most people with nothing in their pocket will you give you anything if you need it! These people are so happy and giving! They all say “hi” and have the time to stop and play with baby for a few minutes or talk to the kids and ask if they like it here. At home adults rarely care about the kids especially if they don’t know them! Even here, other American adults don’t have the time of day for our family. They are polite when we talk to them but they want to get away from as soon as possible. 
5. As long as it runs, its a good vehicle! There are vehicles on the road without doors and major parts that are considered necessity where we come from. If it drives then its still a good car! 
6. A good family vehicle is NOT a mini van as per American standards…it is a motorbike! You can stack up to 7 people on one of those babies!
7. Never assume you know what you are eating….if in doubt…it’s probably better not to ask…especially if you think it tastes good! We have learned not to ask what things are once we like them! You probably don’t want to know that you are eating pig testicles or anything else!
8. Toilet seats are a luxury as is toilet paper, a locking door or even a door at all in public bathrooms here. We PAID to use the bathroom at the beach. Granted it was clean but the bathroom stalls had NO DOORS!!! They had a very short curtain and it didn’t cover the entire door way!
9. If you ever wanted to be a fashion designer this is the place to test your wares! The styles are totally out there. Some are still in the 80’s like metalic leggings and some is so ugly I can’t imagine someone would buy it! There are NO goth stores much to my dismay….not that I’m saying anything that isn’t goth is ugly but I am really not into a patterned HOT pink tube top with BRIGHT YELLOW harem pants that show your panties!
10. Underwear is PART of the fashion. The men here wear their pants half way down there but….that’s fine that do that where we come from…well most of the young guys. I’m just happy to see that they are wearing clean undies under those pants! However the women wear thin little SHORT skirts…what my friend Rob refers to as “duck skirts” because if they bent over their quack would hang out! Anyway they wear these thin little numbers…most are see through and then they wear PATTERNED undies so everyone can see them. So I have decided that in this country the undies are part of the fashion! The brighter and snazzier the better! If you have white pants you WANT to wear red and black zebra patterned G-string panties!

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