Bathroom Surprise!!!

Another old blog post! I will be adding some old blogs posts here for continuity.

This morning we went to town to do some errands that didn´t get done yesterday. We also had to bring Grumpy so he could get his few things done as well. After doing some shopping and walking downtown we stopped at a restaurant that we havene´t been to in a while. The restaurant was built around a huge tree. It is buffet style and very busy! The staff that work there are not very energetic to say the least. So TheMan and baby went and sat down. Grumpy and I waited in line. We tried to figure out what some of the food was. My theory has always been and will remain, if you don´t know what it is and you have to ask…you probably shouldn´t eat it! 

Anyway after the adventure of getting our meal and enjoying said meal. I had to go to the bathroom. I went into the womens washroom. There are two stalls. One is immediately to your left when you come into the bathroom. Then you go down a little hall and there is another stall. 

So I enter the bathroom and someone is in the first stall. I proceed to the second stall. I quickly look around the stall. I look into a small broom closet with a mop and other cleaning supplies. I determine that this is in fact the only stall down the little hall. Just as I finish this thought…I turn around to close the stall door and there stands a rather large Haitian woman. She closes the door for me. I´m a little alarmed. I decide to remain calm and tell the woman that this is the only bathroom here. Indicating the toilet. She nods her head and motions for me to use the toilet. I stand there a little taken aback. While I´m debating whether I should not be shy and just go pee while this woman is standing there, she goes into the dark broom closet. I assume she is attempting to give me privacy and has maybe had second thoughts on sharing the bathroom together. I decide to be quick and get my job done before she changes her mind. I´m going to the bathroom and I hear the woman PEEING!!! She was peeing in the mop bucket! Apparently here, when there is only one stall and you really need to go, you make do with a mop bucket. I´m just glad she allowed me the use of the toilet and wasn´t selfish and left me the mop bucket! 

After using the washroom I went out into the main area and washed my hands at the sink. Bucket lady used the sink right after me which I was very grateful to see!

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