Steps to Get Started Traveling Full Time

In the last little while, I’ve had several people contact me asking how they can get started living the travel lifestyle full time.

Traveling full time means different things to different people.
You need to think about how you see yourself while traveling full time. If you see yourself staying at large, fancy hotels as seen in the ads on social media and eating from gourmet restaurants everyday, you may need a large nest egg of money before you can start. However if you envision yourself working with locals in exchange for food and accommodation, exploring in areas not common to tourists and seeing things only the locals know about, learning about culture and meeting new people along the way, you won’t need much to get started.
Once you make the decision that traveling full time is what you want to do with your life; the rest is up to you. After that decision is made the choices you make from then on, will affect how soon you can get traveling.
You will need to start downsizing your life. You can choose to sell things or just give them away. You might also want to store some of your most valued possessions with a friend or family member. You’re going to need to be able to fit your entire life into a bag or suitcase. Think about what kinds of things would be on your Must Take list. If you have children, you will need to downsize their belongings as well.
I always suggest that people start living as if they are living the life they want. So if you’ve made the decision to travel full time this would mean making decisions now for that goal. For instance, if you need to buy clothing for summer, go shopping with traveling full time in mind. Pick clothes that can be easily hand washed and will air dry fast. Pick clothing that won’t wrinkle easily in a pack, that is easily matched and worn with other pieces of your wardrobe. When holidays come around, let your friends and family know that you’d like gift cards to airlines (Spirit and other cheap airlines), preloaded credit cards, gift cards to outdoor shops so you can get the gear you need to get started (places like REI aw good for this), things like an iPad or light weight laptop. Ask for things that will help you with your goal. If you have children buy toys that can easily fit in a small backpack. Consider getting the child an iPad or tablet with a kid proof case. Ebooks and educational apps can come in handy on long plane, train and bus rides.
Think about if you’d like to travel internationally or within your own continent. You could buy a van and make it into a camper and travel in that or you could travel to distant lands and live with the locals. The choice is yours.
Consider taking a TESOL course online while you’re preparing to start living full time as a traveler. Doing so would give the ability to teach English while traveling. It opens one more door of opportunity for making money on the road. I wrote a blog post  about making money while traveling.
Set a date for the start of your new life. Mark the date on the calendar and make smaller goals to get to that big goal. Smaller goals like getting your TESOL, buying a van if this is in your plan, buying/acquiring your gear for your new life, selling and giving away all your things, storing the things you absolutely must keep.
While you are preparing for your full time traveling lifestyle, you can also be working on ways to make money online. Do some research on things like drop shipping. If photography interests you and you have the gear for it, practice on friends and family in all sorts of environments. Make yourself a blog or webpage.
This is how we began our journey to full time traveling. I put an ad on Craigslist being very honest. I said I was a single mom looking for a 47 passenger school bus for $1000 or less and if I could make payments it would be even better. I got an email a few days later from a guy saying he had a bus that he would sell me for $1000 and we could make payments! The dream was beginning to be a reality! I took the risk of posting that free ad and stating what I needed to make it a reality.
By January we had finished paying for the bus and could bring it home. During the time we were making payments on the bus,I was putting ads on Craigslist for free items we would need for the conversion to a motorhome. I was also looking for cheap things that we could use in our bus as well. If you ask, you will be surprised at what you can get for free!
From February until May, I downsized everything we owned and we moved into our bus. We spent a year living in our bus before we sold the bus and took off for international travel full time.
The full time traveling lifestyle is totally achievable if you make it a priority and set goals.

Ive also written a blog post about traveling for free or close to free. Living full time on the road doesn’t have to cost a lot. There are a lot of options for this lifestyle. Check out my other blog posts and get Started toward your dream of living a full time traveling lifestyle!

Feel free to contact me about coaching to help you achieve your dream of living a full time traveling life. My fees are very affordable. I can be reached at

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