I’m Going Home!

On March 5 of this year, we will have been in Canada for two years. We have lived in 3 different provinces and had some pretty amazing experiences!

I’ve been homesick for a long time. We left behind friends and people that we felt were our family. My boys no longer cry that they want to go home. Every now and then Chesney who is now 7, will say something to indicate that he misses our old home. Once we were watching a show and they were going on a plane. He said “We need to go on a plane and see Papa Tony!”

I’m pretty excited to be goin home for a visit. It’s only for two weeks but its still exciting. Even more exciting is that I am going without the kids. I’m also taking a friend with me.

I will be vlogging about our trip. I have several topics ready for my vlog.

My friend and I area also heading to Haiti for a few days as well. I’m so excited about this! Ive never been to Haiti yet! We are also going to Dajabon, where the market on the Haitian border is. I want my friend to experience that!


Ive been buying shorts at the second hand store and the few things that I will need for the trip. I bought my tickets in December. I got a direct flight from ou home city of Edmonton to Punta Cana for $600 return.Which is a great price. The cheapest I could find return tickets to Puerto Plata was $1200 and that included a 19 hour stop over in Toronto. The bs from Punta Cana to Puerto Plata will cost no more than $40. I dont mind taking the bus. I’d also like to see what Punta Cana is like since I have never been there.

I will be staying with friends, so no need to au for hotels. We do have a couple of hostels and hotels booked for Punta Cana (2 nights), and Santo Domingo. However all the hotels and hostels didn’t cost more than $30 in total. I used a $50 credit we had from hotels.com for booing some of the rooms.

Food will be cheap as well. I have budgeted $20 per au for everything including food. img_3220

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