Cultural Immersion Adventure-Dominican Republic

I hosted a Cultural Immersion Adventure from February 23-March 9, 2018.

I flew out early on the 23. I met my guest in Punta Cana. I doubt I would do this again. In the future, I will go a few days before my clients and pick them up from the airport.

We made our way to the hostel we had booked online. When we arrived we were infor,ed that we hadn’t actually paid for the room online and needed to pay cash. There was a mix up with the shuttle to the hotel that we had prearranged. We needed up paying a cab to take us.


We had an a,axing trip!! I had so much fun showing Angela all my favorite places and people on the north coast of the island.


We had beach days, plantation days and days with our host family, Ana and her daughter Jenny, we slid down waterfalls, hiked and ate our hearts out!!

I’m so excited to host another Cultural Immersion Adventure in the Dominican Republic. I am organizing wifi in the host house to make it easier for guests. I’m also arranging to have double over double bunks made for the bedroom. As well as sorting out hot water for the shower!

come join me for an adventure and deep cultural Immersion in the Dominican Republic! I cater each adventure to each family’s individual interests and passions.

Fill in this form for  more information on booking your Cultural Immersion Adventure


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