Apprenticeship Program

Are you wanting to sell everything and go traveling with your family? Are you afraid to take that final step? Do wish there was a way to ease into the travel lifestyle and learn the ropes first?

The Apprenticeship Program is for you! We’ll take you on an epic  Trek and show you all the details along the way! How to live in South East Asia for $10/person/day. How to find the cheapest airline tickets, making money on the road and ideas for utilizing your skill sets, and so much more!

You will also be immersed in real life cultural activities and volunteer Oportunities like never before! We will have weekly classes together to cover the nitty gritty stuff (Childcare provided), life coaching to help you realize your dream of becoming a digital nomad.

Come learn how to live the full time travel life or just come on an epic adventure of a lifetime with us! Families are welcome.

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