Meet The Team

We have an amazing group of people on our team for our Family and Teen Expeditions!


My name is Christie and I am the head Mentor of our team. I have been an unschooling parent to 6 children since 2002. In 2011 I started worldschooling and full time traveling with my children.

I have extensive experience working with children of all ages and teens. I have done respite care for children with special needs and chaperoned many teens on band trips! I love spending time with teens and children. I love watching them learn and experience the world!



Chino is our Staff Supervisor and also the head mentor of our woodworking team for the Teen Expeditions.

Chino has been a talented cabin maker for many years. He learned his trade from another skilled craftsman as a young teen. He loves to share his knowledge with others. Chino is very outgoing and upbeat. He can make anyone smile and feel comfortable!

Chino learned English from being around our family. He has never attended an English school.