Thailand on a budget Immersion Adventure

We are hosting a unique Cultural Immersion Adventure in November 2018!

Thailand on a budget is for all families who want to experience Thailand on a tight budget and immerse yourself in the culture!!

We are an ultra low budget worldschooling family. We often get asked how we can manage on such a meagre budget or if I’m exaggerating. This Cultural Immersion Adventure will show the ins and outs of extreme budget worldschooling!

Registration is $85 until September 30, 2017 as part of our Early Bird Special. October 1, 2017 until July 1, 2018 registration is $125 per person. Costs are per person over the age of 3. All ages are welcome on our Cultural Immersion Adventures, however parents are responsible for their children.

Registration includes opening ceremonies, meet you at the airport. Assistance with booking budget airfare, accommodations etc, 30 minute Skype session on packing, booking flights, preparing to travel etc , opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies and a special commemorative of the trip.

Please email me at to register.

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